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  • Who is eligible to study MBBS in Medical Colleges of China?
    Indian  citizen  who  has  attained  the  age of 17 yrs, and  has  passed 10+2 level  from  any recognized Council / Board of India or abroad. He / she must have studied physics, chemistry and biology as elective subjects and obtained minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined. Also must have studied and passed English as a compulsory subject.
  • What will be the procedure of admission for MBBS Course?
    First you have to apply for admission. After registration and application process is duly completed, your visa application will be processed by the University / College. You will get the admission conformation letter and the joining letter within two weeks after applying for admission. EXCEL shall assist in this.
  • Can I do my internship in India?
    Yes, in accordance with Medical Council of India guidelines.
  • Can I practice in India on my Return?
    Yes, you can practice in India. In order to practice as a Medical Practitioner, you have to               register yourself with the State of Indian Medical Council. For this, you have to appear for a   screening test. On clearing the screening test, you are eligible for registration as a Doctor and     allowed to practice at par with all other Doctors.
  • Can I get a job in Government Hospitals or allied Medical Institutions in India?
    Yes, after clearing the screening test and getting your registration with the State or Central   Council, you are eligible for jobs in all Government hospitals as well as private institutions.
  • What happens if I fail to clear screening test of MCI?
    Normally a student who passes MBBS from an English medium WHO recognized University / College is expected to clear this test in first attempt. One can also take coaching towards preparation for the same, so it is not likely to be a deterrent factor. Screening test is conducted by National Board of Examination, New Delhi every six months. One can appear in the screening test for any number of times.
  • Is the Course approved by MCI?
    Yes, but they conduct screening test and allow successful candidates to register with them and practice in India.
  • Is these Universities are enlisted in WHO?
    Yes, these Universities are enlisted in WHO, IMED, ECFMG, FAIMER and recognized by Government of China.
  • Who is eligible to study Engineering in Engineering Colleges of China?
    Indian citizen who has passed 10+2 level from any recognized Council / Board. He / she must have studied physics, chemistry and mathematics as elective subjects and obtained minimum 50% marks.
  • Which bodies recognize the Engineering Course in China?
    It is recognized by AICTE, International Engineering Society, European Engineering             Council and American Engineering Council.
  • What is the benefit of doing Engineering Course in China?
    China’s technological advancements cannot be compared with our Country. Thus the scope for practical knowledge is much higher. This Course is offered in few developed countries like US, Canada, and some European Countries, but the cost is very high. When compared with these Countries, the Course offered in China is much cheaper with excellent infrastructures.
  • What is the Course duration?
    The Course Duration of MBBS is six years including one year internship.For Engineering, the course duration is four years.

  • What is the medium of study? Is it necessary to study Chinese language?
    The medium of instruction shall be English. However Chinese language class is included free of cost in educational curriculum. This is to make a student’s stay comfortable by enabling him / her to communicate with the locals, the students and the patients.
  • How many foreign students are studying there and how many are from India?
    Thousands of foreign students are studying in the Universities / Colleges and a lot of students studying MBBS are from India.
  • Do any foreign professors teach there?
    Yes, a lot of foreign professors teach there. Many of them are from USA, and UK.
  • What are the lab and library facilities of Colleges in China?
    The labs are facilitated with highly sophisticated equipments and amenities, and most modern library with lots of Medical, Engineering & Management books, English books, Periodicals, Journals. Modern age Digital library is one of the attractions in campuses.
  • Do I have to eat only Chinese food always?
    China is very famous for providing variety of food. University / College canteens offer Chinese, Continental, Indian, European and Halal food as per student’s choice. All popular vegetables like potato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, carrots, cucumber are available. Similarly egg, fish, chicken, mutton is also abundant. Loaf, bread, cookies, pastries, ice creams, canned juices are available in plenty in all stores. Some hostels provide common kitchen facilities where students can cook also.
  • How many times can I come to my home land in a year?
    There are two vacations- winter and summer. The winter vacation is around the last week of January and summer vacations are in July and August and you can easily come to your Home during this period. That is also the end of term. EXCEL recommends the students to take summer as their main vacation.
  • Does a student need to comeback to India during his vacations?
    Student need not comeback to India every year during his / her vacation and can stay back in China and explore the beautiful Country.
  • Can I get Bank Loan and to what extent?
    As per RBI regulations an Indian student pursuing education abroad can obtain Bank Loan up to ` 20 lakhs. Since the cost of the entire program is much less; the entire amount can be funded from Bank Loan.
  • How is the weather and climate?
    The climate is very similar to India. Tropical climate with regional variation.
  • Can I do MS / MD, I mean post graduation there?
    Yes, on successful completion of MBBS, you can pursue PG course there.
  • How to get the Visa? Will you help me or obtain for me?
    Yes, EXCEL shall process your visa application, and get you the Chinese visa.
  • Does the students have to be present personally for an interview at the Chinese embassy / consulate for the issuance of the Visa?
    As part of the services offered by EXCEL, the passport of the student would be submitted by EXCEL to the Visa section and the student is not required to appear for a personal interview.
  • What will be the mode of payment and in what Currency?
    All the payments will be calculated in Chinese Currency (CNY). However, you can transfer Tuition Fees and Dormitory Fees directly to the University / College account or can carry TC / Cash to the University / College.
  • Can Student pay Tuition and other Fees in his / her Country?
    No, Student must pay Tuition Fees and Dormitory Fees directly in the University / College or transfer to University / College account.
  • How much time is required to reach the college from India?
    If properly planned, one can reach in half day (5 hrs to 10 hrs)
  • How Parents can call students?
    Every student is advised to have a mobile phone.  Mobile phone system is highly developed in China and parents can easily contact them. Other than personal mobiles, in every Hostel, there is common land line telephone where also parents can make call. Internet usage is increasingly wide spread in China. If you have your own computer / laptop, you can sign up directly from your Hostel. Please note that Hostel provide internet service and telephone service in each room.
  • Can Parents visit the College?
    Yes, Parents are most welcome to visit student’s Hostel and the College / University. There are guest rooms in Hostel where they can stay after paying a nominal charge.
  • If I need money in China, how my parents can send money?
    The best way to transfer the money is to use international ATM / Debit cards. For this purpose student should open a bank a/c in his / her country that is offering international ATM / Debit card. Then whenever he needs money, his / her parents will just deposit / transfer amount in this account and the student can draw the amount from ATM machine of Chinese bank.
  • Can a student open a Bank Account in China?
    Yes, a student can open a Bank Account to keep his money safe. He can also use this account to have his family remittance whenever required.
  • Where can I obtain foreign exchange during my studies in China?
    We can organize to have your foreign exchange issued as well as have your fees remitted through RBI authorized foreign exchange dealers.
  • If student gets ill in China, who will take care of student? Is medical treatment available in Universities / Colleges?
    All students, who join any University / College, are required to take a medical insurance to cover them for any medical assistance that they may require. This insurance would have to be taken at the time of joining. They usually cover all risks related to hospitalization and accidents; however outpatient bills won’t be covered under general insurance.
  • Whom does the student contact in China, if, have any queries or problems at the University / College?
    As a responsible student, you are expected to do your best to contact the relevant authorities at the University / College Hostel to solve your problems. Every University / College has an International Students Department where the student can address their problem directly, since they are the responsible Department for your stay at the University / College.
  • Can student do any part time job?
    As per law of MOE China and International Students Departments for foreigners, during study period, student can’t do part time job.
  • What about hostel facility?
    Yes, the Hostel facilities provided in these Universities / Colleges are of International standards with all modern amenities. Rooms shared by three students, two students or a single room are available depending upon the room rent. In some Universities / Colleges, students have  the option  of  living off campus  from  their  second  academic  year  with  the  consent  of  their  parents and University / College authorities.
  • What about safety?
    There is round the clock security services by the University / College. The timing and the discipline in the Hostels and Class rooms are strictly monitored.
  • What is the mode of travel & cost?
    Mode of travel shall be by air.  The cost depends on city you choose. (` 20,000 to ` 35,000) (Approximately for two way ticket) It is very important for the student to strictly make all his / her travel arrangements as per the instructions of EXCEL. This is to ensure that all the students reach the University / College in a group as per the instructions of the International Students Department of the University / College. Therefore, kindly seek assistance from EXCEL for your travel arrangements and book your tickets only from EXCEL approved travel agents to ensure that there are no miscommunications with regards to the travel dates.
  • Arrival at the University / College Airport
    On arrival at the University / College airport, proceed to the immigration check along with all passengers and get in the queue for foreigners, fill up the migration card available at the counters. When your turn comes, give your passport and visa, when immigration Officer asks, he will stamp the passport and visa and will return you these things. Go to the luggage belts and find the belt with your  flight  number on it  and  wait  for  your  suitcase  and  collect it. Proceed for the Custom Counter and put your luggage for custom check with your passport and the filled custom form.
    Get out where our representative is waiting for you. He will then guide you to your hostel in the University / College.
    Study well and become good Doctors and Engineers.
    All the best,
    EXCEL CAMPUS & CAREER………The way to Success.
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